Public Defender
 Paulino G. Durán

I hope your visit to this site enhances your understanding and appreciation of the job performed by the men and women of the Office of the Public Defender. In a time when our society seeks heroes, you do not have to look far to see Public Defenders vigorously testing and fighting for the rights bestowed upon us all by the founders of this great nation through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Public Defenders ensure that the principles expressed in these great documents work daily for the benefit of all. There is no such thing as "criminals' rights;" each and every person within the United States, no matter what their legal status, is entitled to these rights and the protections they afford.

We must all be mindful of and resist attempts to dilute, minimize or undo those rights and privileges to which we are entitled and for which so many have fought and given their lives. A great balancing act is at the core of what occurs every day in our criminal justice system. All the parties engaged in this daily activity (law enforcement, judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys) play an essential role in upholding our Constitution and testing its vitality. This is the eternal battle mapped out by the equal but separate branches of government created by the Constitution, e.g., Executive, Judicial and Legislative.

May you personally never need the services of the Office of the Public Defender but if you do, be assured that you will receive quality legal representation. Also, be proud of the fact that employees within this law firm are insuring that the law is upheld in fact, principle and spirit.

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